In Frankly Friday

Next week will mark 365 days since we last saw our good friend.

He hasn’t been here, but he hasn’t been gone. I haven’t seen him, but I’ve heard him.

On troubled waters I’ve heard him say, “remember that even when no one seems to be around, you’re never really alone in this world.”

In friends and good company I’ve heard him say, “remember this is what makes the storms worth enduring.”

In the laughter of our kids I’ve heard him say, “hold on to these moments. They are the sweetest joy you’ll ever experience in your life.”

And I’ve heard him especially clear saying to four of my favorite people, “I’m extremely proud of you.”

If you haven’t heard these things in a while, I think he would want me to tell you today to remember the same.

Do you hear it?

Try not to try too hard,


PS- Today’s Frankly Friday was not written in the cold of November. It was written in July with ocean breeze and James Taylor in the air, where David would have wanted us to remember him the most. If you haven’t been to a place like that in a while, Dave highly recommends you forget your circumstances and make it a point to go there soon.

That Ocean Breeze has a way of turning things around

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