In Frankly Friday

A few days before Thanksgiving I set off into a new patch of woods behind our home. My mission was to clear a new trail that we could enjoy when good weather returned. In a few effortless steps, I pushed down a stretch of hibernating saplings, raked their leaves to the side, and assumed I’d never see them again.

A few weeks ago I returned to my trail blazing project to find that the trampled twigs had not only sprung back to life, they were bigger, greener, and standing taller than ever before.

It was as if they were smiling at me, thanking me for breaking them down to their roots.

In that moment, the wise words of my first flight instructor rang in my ears:

“Nothing in nature grows without stress, except for cancer of course.”

Nobody likes cancer.

Everybody loves trees.

Have you been trampled to the ground recently?

Be a tree.

Spend some time with your roots. Embrace this moment.

Spring is just around the corner, and you will soon stand taller than you ever knew you could.



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