In Frankly Friday

Our house is far behind us, along with the toys and televisions.

We turn on a road. Who knows where it goes? Scenery is our only mission.

At stop signs and lights, we turn left then right, meandering our way to the country.

Up and down hills, the kids get their thrills, gazing at things that look funny.

Around patches of trees and farms, everything familiar has passed.

It’s nothing but everyday life, but little minds will always find something to ask:

“Why do they keep their lawnmowers in the yard?”

“Howcome cows have no house?

“Is that a pond or a lake?”

And “Do turkeys have moms?”

They’d been cooped up for a month at home, confined to our little yard.

But today we all remembered just how lucky we are to have a car.

Squirrels and deer were now more near than they’d ever seen.
We gave them names, played singing games, and just like that, they were free.

How did we forget to look at the world like kids do?

Now and then we ought to pretend like we were 6,5,3, or 2.

After an hour we look at a map and plot our journey back home.

Only the baby is taking a nap. The others are quite content to roam.

This adventure on pavement was a welcomed amazement to children young and green.

But I also found, it was a perfect cure for the grown-ups in the front seat.

Don’t forget that Quarantine
Doesn’t have to be so mean.
Just fill up with fuel
and follow this one rule;
Only turn down roads you’ve never seen.

Drive Safe,


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