In Frankly Friday

“All of these problems you have are self-inflicted,” he said in the nicest way possible. “You’re acting like a vendor instead of owning your role as a practitioner.”

“What’s the difference?”

My friend proceeded to teach me a lesson that changed my life:


  • Are famous for saying “yes.”
  • ​Believe growth means adding as many customers as possible
  • ​Are valued according to the time it takes them to complete a task
  • Conduct business as contracts, terms, and fees-for service
  • Are interviewed by their prospects
  • Get hired because they are the cheapest
  • Have limited impact, because they’re willing to work with everyone
  • Fear losing business means they’ll move backwards


  • Are famous for saying “no”
  • View growth as becoming a sought-after expert
  • Are valued by the result that they deliver, not the time it took them
  • Conduct business as partnership and shared purpose
  • Interview their prospects
  • Get hired because they are the best
  • Make a bigger impact because they only work with people who allow them to do so
  • Know that losing business just means there’s a better opportunity around the corner

Do you know which one you want to be?

Stop letting people treat you like the other one.



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