The Hammer or the Nail

In less than 100 years, your life on earth you will be reduced to a portrait on a wall. So will mine. You will get to live beyond your prime, vicariously through your kids, grandkids, and [...]

10 Years. 10 Lessons.

Monday will mark 3,642 days since we opened the doors at Frank & Maven.  Some people call that a decade. But to say “a decade” on a day like today would be to brush over it too quickly.  The [...]

Your POM

A system that is broken. An industry that is boring. A service that lacks authenticity. A group of people that are suffering. An outcome that is too out of reach for well-deserving people. Many [...]

Go to the Race

Thirty years ago he peered down two roads. One lead to a professional career in motorsports. One lead back home to help his family start their manufacturing business. Many of his friends chose [...]