In Frankly Friday

In less than 100 years, your life on earth you will be reduced to a portrait on a wall.

So will mine.

You will get to live beyond your prime, vicariously through your kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids.

They will carry your spirit and dreams farther than you could ever carry them on your own.

The great, great, greats will have little of you to share beyond a grainy iPhone 15 photo.

I don’t mean to depress you on such a beautiful morning, but I do have a question:

Do realize how precious each year is?


Are you treating it as such?

A million forces in the world are trying to distract you from how wonderful today is.

A million voices try to convince you things are not okay, that you are not okay, and that you do not have enough.

All those times you stubbed your toe are trying to convince you that it will happen again, that you’re safer not to try, and that all of your chances are out.

The only problem with any of that is that it’s simply not true.

I don’t believe it’s true.

God doesn’t believe it’s true.

The only question left to ask is…

Do you?

What is true, in every circumstance in America, is that you have a small, but massive choice to make:

To be the hammer, or the nail.

You have all of the control by the habits you form, the company you keep, the books you read, the time you guard, and the people you love.

The clock is ticking.

There are nails to drive.

Will you be the one?



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