In Frankly Friday

A system that is broken.

An industry that is boring.

A service that lacks authenticity.

A group of people that are suffering.

An outcome that is too out of reach for well-deserving people.

Many people see these things.

Many think to themselves, “it just ain’t right.”

But you, my friend, are the only one who will get out of bed and do something about it.

You are the one that has been called to make a new and better world…

You are the one who has been consumed by the problem, and it will not leave you alone.

And against all of the odds, against the opinions of your well-meaning friends, and the financial risks that try to back you down…

You won’t go on any longer without taking action.

This is your “pissed-off moment.” And it is the most important moment in your entrepreneurial journey.

Your POM brings you face-to-face with the mission you are called to do.

It’s the war God already knows you will win.

In this moment, your purpose is clear, your fears are irrelevant, and your passion radiates with the intensity of the North Star.

10 years ago I had my first POM.

I saw struggling entrepreneurs with golden hearts who were falling short, frustrated, and confused with marketing.

I experienced my own confusion, frustration, and lack of confidence. I experienced my own failed dreams.

And I became genuinely angry at all of the things that weren’t working.

The risk was real.
The money was tight.
The doubters were plenty.

But none of those were louder than the caged lion in my soul.

And so, on faith, conviction, and Valerie’s humble teacher salary as our only safety net, we started Frank & Maven.

I am proud to say that we’ve helped thousands of people like you confidently grow legendary businesses.

I’m proud to say we have a plan to help tens-of-thousands more.

But today, I want to ask you:

What lion is caged up inside you?

What do you know for certain should be better?

What is your pissed-off moment?

Your mission doesn’t have to be starting a company (it probably won’t be).

It may be running for office, starting a ministry, writing, speaking, or showing up as a volunteer.

It may be standing up to someone holding power over you.

It may be writing a check.

It may be becoming a coach to someone.

It may be breaking an addiction, habit, or bond that has been holding you back.

I couldn’t possibly know what beast resides in your soul.

But you do.

He’s pissed off. And it’s time to let him out.

Let’s go. 💪💪


PS –

A week from Monday, Valerie and I will release a special podcast episode talking about all of the highs and lows of that journey and what’s next. We hope you’ll tune in and take a trip down the road of wins, losses, and lessons learned!

Read by guest narrator, Leslie Clark

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