In Frankly Friday

Two-hundred ninety-two million, five-hundred twenty-six thousand, eight hundred and thirty-eight miles away the cosmic creature gently planted her feet on the martian soil, perked up her antennas, and beamed a selfie across the universe back to her creators in a matter of seconds.

She was dreamed about by humans gazing at the sky together.

Designed by humans thinking together.

Built by humans laboring together.

Hurled into the heavens by humans taking chances together.

Navigated by humans pulling all-nighters together.

And finally celebrated by humans watching together across our home planet as the team at NASA pulled off another incredible mission.

Yesterday was a reminder of a lesson we always seem to forget;
When we humans unite together for a bigger purpose we are an unstoppable force.

Let’s remember that as we head into another week of tumultuous times.

What bigger purpose are you working for?
Who are you united with?

Sometime in the near future, remind them of how grateful you are for them, and take a few minutes to celebrate the mission you’re on together.

You won’t regret it.



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