In Frankly Friday

“Can you believe all that weight she put on?”

“Of course he messed that up…”

“I can’t believe anyone would hire him for that job.”

You hear someone talking smack on your best friend.

You’re instantly enraged. You don’t know whether to just walk away or to run to their defense. But you’re sure of one thing; they are dead wrong.

When the people we love are under attack we are instantly compelled to do something about it.

I’ve recently encountered more discouraged souls than usual, and I can’t help but ask; why aren’t we standing up for ourselves in the same way we do our friends?

If you’ve been doubting yourself…

If you’re downplaying your accomplishments…

If you’re holding on to all of the stupid things you’ve ever done…

Remember that the voice inside your head is no different than that mistaken bully.

If that person shows up in your head uttering nonsense like that, could you please deliver them a message for me?

Don’t talk about my friend that way.

Be good to yourself.


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