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One who fishes in shallow waters limits the kind of fish he can catch - quote by Matshona Dhliwayo


Speed dating says, “Swipe through your options until you see something you like.”

Courtship says, “Can I spend some time with you learning about what you like?”

Speed dating says, “How fast can we get to the good stuff?”

Courtship says, “The real good stuff takes time.”

Speed dating says, “What do I have to say to get a yes?”

Courtship says, “Who do I need to become to earn a yes?”

Speed dating keeps score.

Courtship continues to charm and pursue, no matter the odds against it.

Speed dating gives up after the word “no.”

Courtship gives space, but holds out hope for the right timing.

Speed dating looks around for quick sparks.

Courtship gets to work building a fire.

I have been madly in love with the same girl since I was 15 years old. We have been together almost twenty years. Neither of us have any experience dating, whatsoever.

So why am interested or qualified, you may ask, to talk about any of this?

Because I wasn’t talking about romance.

I was talking about you and your customers.

Businesses who have been surviving on lead generation, trying to grow by “speed dating” every customer all sound the same right now:

“I’m out of prospects, I need some leads quick.”

“I can’t get anyone to say yes to me!”

“I need some action, and I need it now!”

Meanwhile, companies who have been patiently courting their customer through relational advertising are calmly walking through this storm, and will gain phenomenal marketshare when the economic headwinds fade.

Billions of dollars are being spent to enhance speed dating, and marketing with targeting, technology, and AI.

But courtship is working as magically as it has for the entirety of human existence.


Because humans at our core, have not, and will not change.

Despite our occasional attempts for selective bliss, we all eventually conclude that what we really want is trust:

• Someone who understands us

• Someone who meets us where we are

• Someone who commits to us, despite the bumps along the way

To build this kind of bond in your advertising you only need to do three things:


  1. Study, relentlessly what your customer wants and needs in their life.
  2. Talk to them every day about the better life your product will offer them.
  3. Entertain them with your real personality 10 times more often than you ask for a relentless call to action.Like winning the heart of a girl, it can take a little while. But once you have captivated your market by demonstrating your commitment to them, they will never leave you for another competitor’s offer.They will tell their friends and family about how wonderful you are.And you will enjoy a happy, productive, very profitable marriage together.Commit, my friend.Court them.And regardless of what the economy is doing, you will be counting your money.



    P.S. – My friends Randy and Dee started courting their customers in this way with an investment into television marketing three years ago. Click here to watch their ads, and you will start to understand why they are set to grow by 20% this year, while the rest of their industry is shrinking by double digits.

    Be the most liked company in your category, and you too will win.

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