In Frankly Friday

“People are holding on to their money.”

“All the government wants to do is reward the losers.”

“Recession is inevitable.”

It’s true, your dollar won’t buy what it did a year ago.

It’s true, the bank is fresh out of sweet deals.

But do you know what else is true?

That dollar on its worst day still represents the greatest growth opportunity available on planet Earth.

Not for its strength as a currency…

But as a guarantee by the force that backs it; freedom.

Freedom to be knocked down and get back up again.

Freedom to get scrappy.

Freedom to come out better and stronger.

Through wind and waves, the yoke is in your hands, my friend. And before you curse the things that try and throw you off course, let’s remember one thing:

You are going to learn something in this storm that you could not possibly have learned from safety and comfort.

And whatever that thing is will be tremendously valuable for your next chapter.

You are being stress-tested right now. Every hero worth talking about has endured, and conquered seasons like this.

That’s what makes them heroes.

How about you?

Are you ready to wear this badge of honor?

Are you ready to rise above this occasion?

Put one foot in front of the other. Put a smile on your face.

You were made for this!

And I believe that this was made for you.

Because you are wise, you will keep your eye on the North Star, and even when everyone else is doubting—you will follow that star.

You will believe in the bigger thing that you know you’re supposed to be doing.

You will not let temporary financial sting crumble your resolve.

And you will remember this moment so that a couple of decades from now you can encourage another young dreamer caught in a similar storm.

Won’t you?

Don’t look down.

Don’t break down.

What you have been called to do is too important.



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