In Frankly Friday

When she is at her best, laughing and encouraging you, fill her tank.

When she‘s on an adventure, pursuing things that bring her joy, fill her tank.

When she is unsure, uninspired, and tired, fill her tank.

When she doesn’t wake up with the energy to be her best for you, fill her tank.

Today and every day, fill her tank.

Fill his tank.

Fill the tank of whomever you wish to live a good life with!

Think long-term.

Study what excites them (listen).

Fill your mind and body with things that will equip and allow you to show up in this way.

Read books.

Elect a mentor who will make you better.

Study the people you want to be like.

Avoid the poisonous distractions that will point you away from her beauty. Reject the destructive voices that disregard his hard work and intentions.

Get together with the goal of growing, together.

At all costs, guard your minds from discouraging things, and people.

Acknowledge when you fall short.


Talk to God. Let him overflow your mind with love, and truth, and encouragement.


Get back to filling that tank.

This is how magic is made.

This is how marriages last.

I believe in both of you.





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