In Frankly Friday

Successful people seem to have it all figured out. 

We call them the smart ones. 

We imagine that they made a series of carefully selected moves that lead them straight to the top. 

But can I let you in on a secret that my heroes have shared with me?

They are often some of the dumbest people, too. 

Not the self-destructive kind of dumb. 

I’m talking about the decisive and daring kind of dumb. 

The kind of dumb that doesn’t wait for too much information. 

The kind of dumb that ignores well-meaning advice from their closest friends. 

The kind of dumb that says, “Enough talk. Let’s do it.”

And then, while no one was paying attention, they became “overnight successes.” 

We tend to only notice them after they’re “thriving”, and we observe them being smart and slow to protect what they’ve built. 

But smart and slow is only half of the equation of success. To move mountains, you need the dynamite of dumb. 

Is there something really big you’d like to do in the year ahead?

Is this a goal you’ve started and stopped multiple times?

Are you waiting for the “right time?” to act?

It’s time to be dumb & decisive my friend. 

Light the match. Do the thing.

The energy that comes from that explosion will pull you out of bed each morning to do the rest of the work. And soon, your “overnight success” will come too.

You have everything you need to start. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Sometime soon I’ll tell you how I know. 


Happy New Year,



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