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Marketing is not a gumball machine; it’s the art of speaking and being heard by other people. Are you being heard? We help companies find what to say, how to say it better, and where to say it for the best results.


Here’s the thing; we’re not just an advertising company, a video company, a website company, or a social media company. We’re a communication company. Every service we offer starts with a plan for why, how, and what to communicate. Then, we execute that plan through many media and messaging services, including:


A Maven is an expert that loves to teach others. As our name suggests, we believe that teaching is the most important part of being a professional. So every week we share tactics on making better ads, social media, videos, email marketing, and sales to help your business grow. Maven Mondays are never longer than 5 minutes, and they always leave you with clear actionable steps you can implement now.

Episode 26: Brainstorming Part 2
Have you ever set out to solve a problem as a group and ended with nothing but frustration? Our master of creative process, Caleb, will tell you how to avoid chaos and get the most out of your...
Episode 25: Grow That List!
Having a good email list is like having your very own broadcast station that you can use anytime, virtually for free. Use these tactics to grow and profit from your...
Episode 24: Yelp Help Part 2
So you got a bad Yelp review. Now what do you do? Brandon gives you three tactics for overcoming bad ratings and using reviews to your...
Episode 23: Hacking the Superbowl
Did you miss any of these ads? Here's a list of all the ones we mentioned! ETrade: This is Getting...
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Every Friday we reflect on our week and say what needs to be said. Frankly Friday subscribers tell us they like reading for our short, fresh ideas on marketing, business and life.

Limitation is the Springboard of Creativity
Jimi was too poor to afford a guitar designed for left-handed players. But that wasn’t enough to hold back the music rioting in his soul, begging for a way out into our world. So he grabbed the...
40 Years Ago I Owned An Advertising Agency
Jim swirled his glass of wine and leaned back in his chair as he said, “This is all I needed to know for every client and business I ever had: Objective - What do I want to achieve? Market...
The Expectations of Body Builders & Billionaires
EXPECTATIONS ARE BETTER THAN GOALS I sat down with a friend this week to devour some of the best Chinese food in Missouri. He started our conversation by telling me that he’d written out his...
Business, People, and Fish
  By the bass boat in his garage and the four days a week he spends on a lake you'd think my neighbor Marty was a professional angler. But I learned one day I had him pegged completely...
  • We have been clients of Frank Maven for over 3 years and have been impressed with their knowledge and their handling of our account. They have helped us continue to make great strides in our marketing approach. We appreciate their straightforwardness and expertise while guiding us in our marketing needs. Their customer service and personal touch is above and beyond other firms.

    Susan Rust Office Manager | OMS Springfield/Branson
  • Frank & Maven has been a great partner to Duckett Ladd. With their guidance, strategy, and persistence we have been able to reach people that align with our belief structure. They have taken the time to fully understand our business to ensure that the messaging they provide for us encapsulates our mission, vision, and services. If you are looking for an advertising agency, Frank and Maven would be a good choice. If you are looking for a partner that pushes you to the next level Frank and Maven is a great choice.

    Duckett Ladd LLP