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Is your website a money machine, or just a really expensive brochure? Don’t make the mistake of just talking about yourself! To make the sale, you need anticipate the needs of your viewer, give them good information and provide an extremely easy way for them to take the next step.

Visit every page on your website and ask, “if my customer made it to this page, what is it that they are needing?” Make that your priority #1 for the page, and use it to guide what language, links, and buttons you give them.

Here are three things every selling-friendly website should have: 

1. Click to Call Buttons for Mobile

A recent comScore report says smartphones and tablets combined now account for 60 percent of all online traffic up from 50 percent a year ago. It’s simple, just put a button toward the top of every page or in the menu that allows the customer to click and call you.

2. Forms on Every Page

Some customers don’t have time to call. Others just don’t want to. Make sure you give them opportunity to fill out a quick form. Then, make sure you can get back with them immediately with a thoughtful and helpful response.

3. Social Proof

According to a recent survey from Dimensional Research, 90% of consumers say they are impacted by online reviews. Are you taking advantage of positive vibes about your company?

Make your five-star reviews a permanent fixture on every page of your site to give your viewer confidence to take the next step.


Take a Frank look at your website this afternoon and ask yourself, “Do I have a brochure or a money making machine?”

Have a year-defining week!


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