In Frankly Friday

Everyone has something to teach you if you’ll just let them.

Who have you let teach you today?

I learned from a server early this morning. While everyone else was just starting their day, she had clearly already hit her stride. She was proud of her job and got excited that it was our first time to eat there.

I’m a sucker for people who give the little bit extra. But this chick was ON IT!

“Everything is awesome here,” she said, “but if you really want to try something awesome, get the chickichangas!”

I would have never tried a chicken fajita thingamajig for breakfast, but I couldn’t say no to her passion level.

She was right. It was amazing.

I’m talking about breakfast food, folks. Who gets this excited about breakfast food?

She does.

She made the decision to be awesome at her job, to be thankful for the opportunity to serve, and to have fun instead of being average. She gave her little bit, and then some. 

She taught me that no matter the time of day, no matter your audience, no matter the job you’re doing, you can do it more awesome if you try.

You can also learn if you just try.

What are you learning today?

Look around, there are teachers everywhere.



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