In Frankly Friday

I lost a friend this week. It hurts.

I’ve always loathed cookie-cutter obituaries that reduce a life down to telling meaningless details but fail to show the real person.

Words have the power to move mountains if you’ll just choose them wisely.

We insisted on telling a real story. It was hard, but it was worth it.

Today I hope you’ll find as much inspiration from this person’s life as I have:

Your secret of life was enjoying the passage of time.
You taught us how to appreciate every moment for what it is.
How to make every person know they are welcomed and important, no matter when or where.
And that there’s nothing more important than being there for a friend.
How to love and accept people no matter what (you know who you are).

You showed us it’s okay to laugh at life, even when it sucks.
That every dream is a big dream.
And that everything is better when James Taylor is playing.

We’re going to miss the way you told stories.
The way you always found something extra in everyone’s ordinary.
Your taste in music.
And the delight in your smile as you gave everything you had to all of us, without hesitation.

Going on without you seems impossible.
We’ll try not to try too hard.
It was most definitely a lovely ride.

Try not to try too hard,


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