In Frankly Friday

I was 17 years old sweeping the floors at a music store, begging for my chance to be a retail salesman. My ears perked up when a guy came in one afternoon looking for answers about how to make his own recordings. “I can teach you about that!” I said, eagerly. For the next couple of hours, I took my time answering questions no one else had time for. I never forgot how good it felt to help Mark that day.

5 years later, I met an unusually impressive young kid doing website work for a client. I wasn’t sure why, but I knew I needed to get to know him. We didn’t talk much for a few years, but I never forgot the unique blend of talent and wisdom Caleb had.

Two years later at a marketing presentation I gave, I met a random attendee and spent some time answering her questions about social media. The product I had to offer at the time wasn’t one that could help her, but I never forgot how impressive Cindy’s work ethic was.

These are just a few of the random stars I met over the last seven years that would align along my path to pursuing my dreams.

A few months later, Cindy took up my offer to help answer more of her questions and would become my very first client. With that vote of confidence, I had a reason to believe I could make it on my own as a consultant.

A year later, Mark would let me pay him a measly $100 a month for a back office in his building where I would quit my job and start Frank & Maven. He let me afford a place to hang my hat, and also became my second client.

Caleb became the first person I called to help me with websites. Now, four years later, he’s helping me lead 15 other people, serve 80 clients across the country, and growing our company into something bigger than I ever dreamed of.

Every person you met today could be a star that aligns in the sky of your dreams.

Remember them.
Help them if you can.
And treat every one of them as if they were a key to your future because they probably are.



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