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I’m not sure why this year was so hard for so many, but I’ve felt a sense of heaviness for many months now. I look around and see a lot of tense people, anxiously waiting for something to give.


Have you felt it too?


Valerie and I brought a new life into the world.
We have nearly twice as many employees as we did one year ago.
We got a really cool new office space.
We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with some amazing companies.
In general, our work and our life have been a lot of fun.

There is absolutely nothing I can, or want to, complain about. But the heaviness is real.


The people around me tell me that I’m not alone.


A really wise person shared with me that 2017 was a year of construction. We broke each other down, we found our weaknesses, and we got a lot of stuff out on the table. 

I was also told that 2018 is the year of finishing touches. It’s the year we return to the real world, better because of all that we’ve learned. It’ll be a year of work, but it will be meaningful work.

I believe that if we are persistent in giving more than we receive and focus on working for a greater purpose, we will begin to take the edge off of the world we’ve been living in.


That’s why next week, I’m going straight for the hard stuff:


Being more present minded
Listening more than I talk
Saying “no” to work that doesn’t have greater purpose
Studying more
Procrastinating less
Working the plan every day
Leading by example

They call it the hard stuff for a reason, but I’m taking two big gulps, and gonna see what happens.


Are you with me?


If you’ve been a Frankly Friday reader this year, I want to thank you for letting me write to you. You’ve given me a reason every week to collect my thoughts, and you have no idea how much that has helped me grow. I wish you, your family, and your team a peaceful and prosperous new year.




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