In Frankly Friday

The grind, the stressful day, spinning your wheels; no matter what you call it, it sucks.

​I’m talking about the day when 20 clients, 5 employees, your spouse, and your dog all need something from you. Your to do list would take you until next Tuesday, but it’s all due by today. You think that you’re the only one that knows, but everyone can tell there are cinder blocks on your shoulders, and you just become an unpleasant person.

I can’t stop the madness of those days for you, but I can help you make it better with one word of advice:




You’ve got to find some way to get out of that rut! Stop wasting that day to the mess of stress. Life is too short, and it’s not worth losing a single day to the grind.

Your brain is the fastest computer you own. Unfortunately, just like a normal computer its processes can start taking too many resources. This causes you to move slowly, be less productive, and create a black hole of anxiety inside you.


4 Reset Buttons You Can Use Right Now:

1. Stand up and walk away
The lie you will tell yourself is that you don’t have time, but just leaving your work for 5 minutes could give you an increase in productivity worth three times the “lost time.”

2. Talk about it
Get a few minutes with a good friend or coworker and ask them to be your sounding board. They can let you vent and may have some ideas to help you get out from under your pile of work.

3. Find a comfort object
Yes this is what babies use, but just find something that brings you peace. For me it’s holding a steaming cup of coffee and sipping slowly.

4. Take a deep breath
If you truly don’t have time to do any of the above, take a couple of deep breaths. It expands your lung capacity, gives your brain more oxygen, and even helps the alignment in your back.

Whether this comes next week or it’s happening right now, the next time you get there, take a moment to reboot.

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