In Frankly Friday

They say you have to be thick skinned to be in business.
They say sometimes you have to forget about people and make “business decisions.”
They say at some point you have to compromise with your dreams and be a realist.


All of that may be true. But I’ve found there’s more to the story they haven’t told us.

I’m holding a person who’s only been in this world for one day. He doesn’t know just how thick his skin is going to have to be. He doesn’t know about relationships. He doesn’t know about compromise. Without people loving and looking out for him, he might not ever make it.


Being a dad is the most important job I’ll ever have.

It requires immense compassion, patience, commitment, and follow-through, even when you’re exhausted, scared and frustrated. Over the next 18 years, I’ll be challenged, question my tactics, and pushed to my limit.

But I’ll never quit.

It’s because his life outcome is more important to me than mine.


So why should my most important job in the world be any different than my other jobs?

The spectacle of being successful in business fools us into thinking we have to become hardened, ruthless and disconnected from our passion to win. Yet every human knows that the most joyous moments in life happen when we’re letting our guard down, giving ourselves to others and chasing our dreams.

I’m not sure why people fall for that.
I’m not sure why I fall for that.

But it doesn’t make sense that the best things in life would be fundamentally different from the best things in business.


What are you giving to your clients?


Your people?


Are you allowing their outcome to be more important than your “perfect” business equation?

If you granted them more compassion, patience, commitment, and follow-through would you get more than you ever thought you could need?

I’m betting so. And exhaustion, fear, and frustration be damned, that’s what I’m leading with.

Won’t you join me?



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