In Frankly Friday

Bad news at the doctor.
An abusive relationship.
A traumatic childhood.


You never know what a person is going through. But without a doubt, what a person has gone through shaped the mood, character, qualities, and emotions that led to the exchange you had with them this week.


Hurt people, hurt people.
Blessed people, bless people.


Our mission should be to decide which one of these people to be. But when it comes to dealing with others, it’s impossible to make them choose. The best we can do is to consider that there may be more to their story.

We can’t change what happened to them 20 minutes, 20 days, or 20 years ago. But as good communicators, and good people, we can empathize with what makes people think they way they think and say the things they say. Only then can we hope to change them, or be changed ourselves.


To change others’ perspective, I’m going to be more be willing to change my own.


Are you with me?


The rude driver
The negative co-worker
The bigoted opponent


We can co-exist with them if we just shift our energy.






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