You were born for marketing.

You’re a natural communicator.

You like people, and they like you.

Where others are unsure of what to do, you’re quick to build a plan, and more importantly, you act on that plan with confidence.

You’ve never liked the idea of being chained to a desk, but you’re one bad mofo when it comes to getting things done.

You proudly wear the badge of marketing nerd. And while others are off indulging in their newsfeeds and other mindless entertainment, you’re the one spending your free time reading about the latest marketing case studies and social media tactics.

Your brain never stops asking “what makes people do the things they do?” You’re on a constant curiosity binge. But it’s the kind of work that doesn’t feels like work, right?

Are you nodding your head right now?

Do you know the beast I’m talking about?

Here’s the thing. We aren’t a shiny objects agency. We don’t just spout off fancy words, pull up some slick dashboards, rattle off a few metrics and then let our clients leave our meetings with a false sense of security. We demand that our clients grow. We ask the hard questions. We find the facts. And we never bring ideas to the table without understanding exactly why they will work.

The marketing process we’ve developed has 10Xed the sales volume for multiple companies across the U.S.. The word is out about the results we’re delivering, and new opportunities are showing up at our door every day.

That’s where you come in.

We need a marketing leader who can command a room. We need someone who talk and walk the game of business. We need someone who can bring marketing opportunities to light and connect them to action. We need someone who lives and breathes strategy. Most importantly, we need someone who can quickly communicate big ideas to our clients, and our team of artists, videographers, copywriters, and web developers.

We don’t need a dabbler; we need a doer.

We don’t need a manager; we need a leader.

We don’t need a customer service person; we need a consultant.


Still reading this?


You may just be the guru we’re after!

As a senior marketing strategist at Frank & Maven, you will lead our largest client team. A day in the life will include meeting with clients to check in on business progress, reviewing campaign performance, and then developing new concepts for digital, traditional, and internal marketing campaigns to drive their business forward.

You’ll be the ideas person, always looking for ways to help the customer along in their journey to the purchase, but you will always have the brilliant talents of our team at your disposal to collaborate and help bring your ideas to life. This is a marketing mastermind’s dream job!


Some Need-to-Knows:

  • While we are always training, this position needs an experienced person. We’re looking for someone who has at least 5 years of experience in growing companies and has spent time working with both traditional and digital advertising.
  • You don’t need to be an artist, but you need to understand it. Basic skills in graphic design, writing, or any other creative service will be a major plus!
  • You need to be able to confidently speak in front of a room. Inspiring our clients will be a major part of your job, and inspiration can’t happen without confidence. The right person will be able to do this in their sleep!
  • You absolutely must be able to analyze metrics! Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Email Marketing platforms are just a few of the places you’ll need to be able to not only read data, but interpret what it means.
  • This is a salaried position with bonuses based on client and company growth.
  • We are a family-first organization. We typically work from 8a-5p, and you will rarely see cars in our parking lot at 5:30p every day. We show up, work hard, and get things done.
  • We believe in work hard play hard! We give very generous vacation time and we require that you take it so that you can be the best version of you.
  • You absolutely must be a team player. We’ve worked really hard to build an awesome culture and we can’t afford to screw that up! Jerks, Narcissists, and Negative Nancies please move on. This is not the place for you!


If we haven’t scared you away yet, then you passed the first test!

Are you our brand of crazy?

Do you want a new challenge in your marketing career?

Do you want to produce some awesome results with awesome people?

Shoot your resume over to with #Guru in the subject line and we’ll be in touch!