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Do It Again

The second beat in a song sets the groove.

The second point on a map sets the trajectory.

The second time you push yourself sets a new groove and trajectory for your life.

We all feel great when we finally make ourselves have a rewarding moment. But exceptional people make those moments happen every day.

What excited you this year? What thing got you saying, “I need more of that in my life!”

It could be as simple as cleaning off your desktop. You felt organized and ready to go, but you haven’t made time to feel that way again.

Did you finally make the jump and reserve a day entirely for team building? You loved it when it happened last year and never did get back around to it.

Or maybe you made your Menu of Excellence and only pushed your team to do it for a couple of weeks.

It doesn’t even have to be work-related. It could be taking a vacation, getting a massage, or cleaning out your car. No matter what it is, here’s my advice:

Do it again.

You can start today. Pick one do-it-again-worthy task for business and one for pleasure. Write them on your to-do list, put them as a recurring task in your calendar and follow through!

John Lennon reminded us of a bleak alternative when he said:
“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.”

Now go happen to life. Don’t let it happen to you!



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