Roses Don’t Grow on Twigs

“The world will flock to see your roses, yet nobody stops to admire the stems and soil they grow from.” In one casual sentence, my buddy Jon summed up the problem, and the solution [...]

Your Beliefs and Your Decisions

You have a lifetime of experiences – things that have happened to you and things that you have made happen. Some happened by accident, some on purpose. Regardless, your brain formed a series of [...]

Follow the Science

The machines harvested the cotton, spun it into your sheets, and washed them clean. The natural gas controller, fan motor, and thermostat kept your house warm. The microchip processed the app [...]

What You Tolerate, You Encourage

Your mind was an open field. So was your business, your marriage, your household, your body… your everything really… was once an open field. When you started out your fields were full [...]

The People on Your Path

Pay at the pump is broken so you go inside to pay the clerk for your gas. An old friend shows up in your news feed to share a life update. An elderly gentleman slows your line at the grocery [...]