In Frankly Friday

​​The World Needs More Jimmies

Jimmie never had any motive for liking you. He just did because you are you.

He doesn’t lie about anything, not even himself.

He will offer you the wisdom of a King in the words of a sailor.

You’ll never go a minute without laughing around him, and laughing is really good for you.

He is your fan no matter how bad you feel like you screwed it up.
He will remind you that you’ve come a long way.

Without ever trying, he will show you that caring for people is the most important thing you could do in life.

Do you have a Jimmie?

Tell him you’re thankful for him, or her, Today. They’re more responsible for your success and your well-being than they’ll ever take credit for, but they need to hear it anyway.

If you are a Jimmie, keep it up.

If you’re not a Jimmie, consider being one be incorporating these three highly impactful themes:

  1. Brutally Honest
  2. Compassionate
  3. Encouraging



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