In Frankly Friday

Independence Day


Pissed off. Inflamed by the belief there was a better way. Unmotivated by the odds against them.

Thomas Jefferson, Henry Ford and Steve Jobs had this in common. I believe that you and I have it in common with them too.

The business of becoming an independent country is not unlike the business that you and I face every day. Those who make it against the odds are those who are fueled by the belief there is a better life for who they serve. Those who are adored for centuries make their mark by the lives they were able to improve.


How are you improving lives with your business? 

Is there an obstacle in front of the people you wish to serve?

It is your right to alter and abolish it, and institute a new way. 


Very few, if any will tell you it’s the right time to do it. Even your best friends will have some doubt. You will spend more than a few sleepless years wearing the label of the radical. It is only your strong belief that will make the sacrifice endurable.

Thomas Jefferson believed his people deserved a better government. 

Henry Ford believed his people deserved better transportation.

Steve Jobs believed his people deserved easy-to-use technology.

Insanely popular today, but these ideas were extremely radical in their time. Their creators were called names, labeled as crazy, and abandoned by the very ones they wanted to help. 

As you tip back your beverage and look at the sky this weekend, allow yourself to see freedom as more than a governmental status. See it as a way of life. It’s the bloodline that makes us kin with crazies like Tom, Henry, and Steve.


Light the fuse of freedom. Declare your Independence. 


Happy 4th,


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