In Frankly Friday

Have you ever delivered the punchline to a joke and received no laughter?

Have you ever made a presentation to an unamused audience?

Have you ever delivered an experience at your business that got zero reviews?

They saw it coming. Expected punchlines, boring slideshows, and average customer services will never move the needle!

Master comedians, musicians, and actors know this intuitively. They surprise their audiences with something pleasant that wasn’t expected.

You know who else does this? The best brands in the world:

  • Apple makes artwork out of their packaging.
  • Zappos and Amazon accept returns at no charge without asking questions.
  • Dave Ramsey signed a whole box of books for an unsuspecting customer.
  • Hyvee and the Ritz Carlton walk their guests all the way to their destination.
  • Lambert’s turns waiting for your table into fun by throwing rolls.

What does your business do?

The way your company sounds, smells, tastes, feels and looks make up your brand.

Are you delivering predictable experiences that are simply get-what-you-pay for?

Or are you taking the opportunity to be the spectacle of your customer’s day?

Monday I’ll share a process that will help you create AND implement an on-purpose awesome experience, so you’ll know for sure.



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