In Frankly Friday


Three wise friends. Three golden nuggets. Three weeks. These were things I definitely needed to hear, and I’m wondering if they might do you some good too.


  1. It’s okay to be critical of yourself – If you’re not at least once in a while, you’re probably a sociopath.
  2. Abandon the cares of the world and make room for what you know is important.
  3. Start running the you show.


What can you give to the world? What makes you feel the most accomplished? What are the actions you can attribute to your current successes?


Write them down, and make those your new list of DO’s.


Write down everything you’ve been doing that is getting in the way of doing those things, and make that your new list of “DON’TS”


Put the two lists where you can see them. Look at them often.


Start running the “you show,” and pay attention to the ones who are already your fans, not the ones you wish would be. Do the show for them, but do it in your way.


If you’re already doing this, I admire you, but I’m betting you know someone who needs to hear this as much as I did. Forward it on to them and remind them how great it is to be them.




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