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“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” At first, Jim Rohn’s wise words had me fretting. I can never get time back! Once it’s gone, it’s gone.


I have a budget for my money.


If time is more valuable than money, why am I not budgeting it as well?


Dave Ramsey says to tell our money where to go, but we should also be telling our time where to go.


Here are four tips to maximize your time, boost your productivity, and end your day feeling accomplished:

  1. Make a daily list. You should make a realistic daily list for yourself, prioritized in order of importance. If you’re a time management nerd like me and want to take it a step further, mark how much time it will take you to complete each task. This will keep you from overcommitting your time.
  2. Stop dating your inbox. If someone is sending you an email, it’s most likely because they have a request or a question for you. Emails should be answered the same day, but not necessarily the minute they come in. Otherwise, you just spend your entire day helping everyone else check things off their list. Set designated times to check in with the inbox.
  3. Make promises you can keep. It’s simply unrealistic to expect 52 hours of work to get completed in a 40 hour work week. When requests for your time roll in, check in with your daily list and budget your time wisely.
  4. Always have a Plan B. Life happens. There will be days when an emergency meeting is in order or someone needs a last minute favor. Build time into your day for urgency. The beauty of keeping extra time in your day means that when you finish your list without interruption, you have bonus time to spare.


Follow these four steps when you plan out your day and you will have a more productive week. I’m also willing to bet you’ll end up having bonus time. Bonus time means spending more time on the things and people you hold most dear.

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