In Frankly Friday

Like energy, attention cannot be created or destroyed. It merely changes from one form to another. The mind is always reacting to something, asleep and awake.

In physics, energy changes form through a chemical reaction, often sped up by the addition of a catalyst.

In communication, attention changes form through attention reaction.

So what is the catalyst for speeding up the attention equation?

Unexpected Gestures

Good messages provide value to the person that is listening to them. The more often a message is repeated, the more likely it is to eventually be absorbed.

But unexpected visuals, sounds, and ideas cause a chemical explosion of wonder. This reduces the time needed for your attention equation to react, which reduces the money you need to spend to make the message work.

  • Unexpected generosity can turn hate into love.
  • Unexpected honesty can turn skepticism into trust.
  • Unexpected wittiness can turn boredom into fascination.
  • Unexpected humor can turn monotonous into virality.
  • Unexpected humility can turn contempt into admiration.
  • Unexpected story line can turn detachment into engagement.

Employ these elements in your headlines, your email subjects, and your posts to spark an attention reaction that will leave everyone wanting to hear what you have to say next. By doing this alone you can increase the effectiveness of your advertising and sales without adding a penny to your budget.



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