I Was Not Prepared

I have been pursuing my bachelor’s degree for the past four years and recently was hired at Frank and Maven as an intern. One thing I learned immediately was how unprepared I was for the business world.  At first, I felt shell shocked as a lot of information was flying at me all at once.…


Reboot Your Day. Your Day. Your Day.

The grind, the stressful day, spinning your wheels; no matter what you call it, it sucks. ​I’m talking about the day when 20 clients, 5 employees, your spouse, and your dog all need something from you. Your to do list would take you until next Tuesday, but it’s all due by today. You think that…

better than average

The World Needs More Jimmies

​​The World Needs More Jimmies Jimmie never had any motive for liking you. He just did because you are you. He doesn’t lie about anything, not even himself. He will offer you the wisdom of a King in the words of a sailor. You’ll never go a minute without laughing around him, and laughing is…