Are you the Swiss Army Knife of web design?


Can you speak both languages of design AND code?


Are you sick of surviving on side work?


Your creative talents burn bright, but you’ve been waiting for someone to give you a shot. To unleash your fullest potential, you need a place where you can grow into the visionary you were born to be. This is the place where you’ll bask in the satisfaction of problem-solving, and frolic in the fields of your creative inner puppy.


Our clients will love you because you’re one of the nerds that people actually like.


Your family will love you because this employer values your time with them.


And you will love you because work will be something to look forward to.


Are we singing your song?


Frank & Maven is calling you to the chorus where your right and left brains can sing in harmony. As a Junior Web Maven, you’ll be a brewmaster of websites, infusing them with just the right amount of whimsical design, persuasive messaging, and precise functionality.


The Details:
  1. 8a – 5p, Monday through Friday. Once in a blue moon, we stay late to meet deadlines.
  2. Understanding of basic web development languages is a must (HTML, JavaScript, and CSS). Bonus points for PHP.
  3. WordPress experience is a must. Bonus points for Magento!
  4. Salary pay to start with bonuses available based on performance.
  5. Generous vacation time!


We are a full-service agency in the business of creating excellent communication. We serve 60 clients across the country on a regular basis.


If you don’t have a driver’s license or a clean criminal record, do not apply. We know people!


If you are lazy or unwilling to learn new things, do not apply. Agency work is fast-paced and requires you to stretch yourself every day. We have doubled our revenues every year for the last four years; that should tell you something! We are a winning team. Bring your A-game, because we don’t settle for mediocrity.


The Day to Day:
  1. Building WordPress sites from mockups.
  2. Updating existing client’s sites as requested.
  3. Product entry for eCommerce clients.
  4. Site strategy and planning with the development and creative team.


Bonus points for resumes with references we don’t have to ask you for.

Only applications that include examples of work will be considered.

Email to apply.