Most of your friends would never know it, but you’re the world’s best critic. The way things ought to look is immediately obvious to you. It’s why your handwriting is impeccable, and your doodles ought to be in an art museum.


Are you tired of going to work and doing things that you aren’t really passionate about?


Ditch it.


Come join a team that will appreciate your quirky style, your artistic passion, and your perfectionist attitude.


As a Frank & Maven Graphic Design Maven, you will be the visual voice for businesses across North America. You’ll be a crucial part of communication strategy by producing an array of graphics for print, websites, social media, emails, and even grocery shelves. Your job will be steady, but never boring. Our team will challenge you, but you’ll love them for it. And at the end of the day, this is the place where your work and your destiny are all in your hands.


Are we painting a picture you’d like to be in?


Here are the details:
  1. 8a – 5p, Monday through Friday. Once in a blue moon, we stay late to meet deadlines.
  2. Understanding of basic graphic design concepts and visual communication is required.
  3. Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign experience is a must!
  4. Salary pay to start with bonuses available based on performance.
  5. Generous vacation time.


We are a full-service communication agency in the business of creating exceptional and precise communication.


If you don’t have a driver’s license or a clean criminal record, do no apply. We know people!


If you are lazy or unwilling to learn new things, do not apply. Agency work is fast-paced and requires you to stretch yourself every day. We have doubled our revenues every year for the last four years; that should tell you something! We are a winning team. Bring your A-game, because we don’t settle for mediocrity.


Bonus points for resumes with references we don’t have to ask for.


Only applications that include examples of work will be considered.


Email to apply.