In Frankly Friday

Your friend is telling you a story about how she was trapped in an abandoned building. She’s just about to get to the part where she was saved and some slimy salesman walks up and starts blurting his pitch. Who does this guy think he is?!!

Most advertising is that guy, interrupting your music, videos, and Facebook feeds with things you don’t care about. Everybody hates that guy!

So, how do you win the audience over for real?

  1. Interrupt their entertainment with more entertainmentSuper Bowl commercials are a great example of this. We happily give our attention to them, because we anticipate their entertainment value.
  2. 6-Second AdsYour audience will appreciate you not taking up their precious time.
    YouTube is setting this trend with 6-second ads that force advertisers to be more interesting and concise. Now some TV and Radio stations are starting to follow suit.
  3. Remember The Law“Attention can not be created or destroyed, it merely changes from one form to another.”
    If there was such thing as an attention span, people wouldn’t binge-watch Netflix for 9 episodes at a time! So make your content like episodes that cause the viewer to wonder what’s going to happen next, like these and these.

The next time you sit down to write about your company, remember the guy no one likes, and be the opposite of him! Force yourself to earn the attention of your audience – If you get stuck, we can help!


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