In Maven Monday

I was “Targeting” this past weekend, on a hunt for the perfect dining room chair. I had already been to every furniture store in Springfield with no luck. I decided to give it another shot on my trip to Target.


While I was there, I counted 12 dining chair options. I couldn’t help but think all 12 of these chairs would do the job just fine. But which chair was the BEST? The truth is that I had to take a step back and ask “Which chair will fit my family’s needs the best?”


I live with a bunch of messy boys, so I knew I needed something functional and easy to clean but stylish enough to fit my taste. Of course I’m on a budget, so how can I achieve all my goals?


Advertising is a lot like buying chairs. Any media can work whether it’s TV, Radio, Newspaper, Print, or even more specific like Facebook, email, and SEM. So… which is the best?


The bigger question is what am I trying to make happen, and how much will I pay to get there?

1. What are you trying to sell and how fast do you need to sell it?

2. What are you trying to persuade people to believe about you and your business?

3. How do you measure success?


If you can’t commit to an annual media contract, you probably shouldn’t dabble in TV, radio, or newspaper. You will be disappointed.


And if you are trying to sell something today, get people to an event, or move product you can try the above with a specific message strategy, or you might even try SEM, Facebook, or Email Marketing.


Let me say it again, all media works it just depends on what you can afford and what you need to make happen for your business. If you have multiple goals, give me a call and I will guide you through the process of piecing together your advertising puzzle, or help you find the perfect seating for your dining room.

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