In a couple of weeks the glowing season of gratitude will be outshone by the lights of tinsel and tree. Don’t get me wrong; Christmas is great. But I’ve always felt melancholy about the speed at which it takes over. I want more Thanksgiving!

Do you want to help me celebrate Thanksgiving every week? Set up a recurring appointment for you and your heart. Look back at those who you couldn’t have done it without and give some sort of thanks. It doesn’t matter how you do it, it just matters that you do it.

Here are 19 Ways to Keep Thanksgiving Alive:

  1. Leave a post-it note of thanks on a co-worker’s computer.

  2. Pick up a favorite snack for someone you appreciate, attach a note and leave it on their desk.

  3. Treat them to a surprise Sonic Limeade (half price at happy hour).

  4. Write a handwritten note for a seemingly-small task that they did for you.

  5. Take a polaroid picture of everybody and post it up centrally together with a message of appreciation to them

  6. Use the new iMessage to write “Thank You” in your own handwriting

  7. Do your research and recover the lost practice of sending a Happy Anniversary card in the mail. Enclose a gift card, no matter how small, for something they can enjoy as a couple.

  8. Bake cookies yourself for your next meeting.

  9. Spend five minutes looking for an article they would enjoy, send it to them.
    Bonus tip: Keep a folder of interesting articles as you see them come across your news and social feeds just for this purpose.

  10. Frame a picture, article of significance, or example of their work as a gift

  11. Make a customized picture book of your team ( makes this really easy)

  12. Send them a bottle of wine when they’ve had an achievement (no matter how small)

  13. Especially when the week has been chaotic, stop and write them a simple compliment about something they’ve recently done, and copy the rest of the team.

  14. Send them a book, write a personal note in the cover about a specific chapter or thought that you thought would be valuable for them.

  15. Give them a recipe for something unique. Buy the special ingredients and wrap them.

  16. Make a punch list of everyone in you work with, make it a point to say something nice about them at least once next week.

  17. Hold your weekly meeting off site once in a while to escape the chaos and focus on the team and your accomplishments together.

  18. Drop by randomly with ice cream sandwiches for their whole office.

  19. Find an old memory on Facebook, re-post and tag them.

What is your favorite way to show thanks? Tell us at #FranklyThankful on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.


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